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No UP2 workprocess required for SAP BW

Today I learned that you can avoid using UP2 work process on an SAP BW system. UP2 work process is used for statistical updates. In a NetWeaver ABAP Application Server, if you do not use a UP2 work process, its functions are taken over by UPD process.

UP2 workprocess on BW must be like this rusting unused car

Given that the data is not written in to the BW database as frequently as in the case of a  transactional system, UPD process is not so much loaded. Therefore you can stop worrying about contention on UPD work process and let it perform UP2's job.

Basic differences between as-a-service options

Companies tend to avoid maintaining hardware and software by signing up with vendors for using them as a service. X amount of hardware or software capacity used for y amount of time is what companies look for.

Basic differences between as-a-service options

The following as-a-service options are popularly available to help companies that look for consuming software and hardware rather than maintaining them:
  • Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS - provides you with the actual hardware and firmware, but lets you decide what goes on top.
  • Platform as a Service - PaaS - provides you with IaaS, as well as a general runtime (OS, programming language environments, databases etc).
  • Software as a Service - SaaS - provides you with PaaS, but also includes the software you want to run (anything from email to accounting); all you have to do is provide the data.

So why did I start this blog with a picture of pizza?

There is a Pizza as a Service analogy floating around trying to explain this concept with an entertainment values. Here it is:

Pizza as a Service

Unfortunately this analogy still fails to explain the terminology. It is a decent analogy, but I can hardly see a connection between pizza dough and servers. And the difference between IaaS and PaaS is really ambiguous in this example.

It doesn't really need to be related to dining out or take and bake, it just constrains the message. Maybe better:

Pizza as a Service analogy  - take 2

Now I am hungry :(

Performance Assistant Notes and KBAs Search - PANKS

PANKS is a tool that searches for SAP Notes and KBAs from the performance assistant based on the ABAP error code and context.

search notes and kbs from performance assistance

When you click on Search for SAP-Notes / KBAs icon, the system searches for SAP Notes and KBAs based on the following passed information:
  • Transaction (except SE38, SA38, and SE80)
  • Program(s)
  • Message class and message number

PANKS - Performance Assistant Note and KBAS Search

Check SAP note  2020356 for pre-requisites, restrictions and dependencies.

This tool is different from Automated Note Search Tool (ANST).

Three solutions from SAP Analytics portfolio

OpenSAP has announced some new courses on SAP BusinessObjects Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom powered by SAP BusinessObjects Cloud.

SAP Analytics - BusinessObjects

While I am yet to learn about SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise, prospects of learning these new solutions created some confusion. So I took it upon myself to find out what these products are all about.

SAP has been branding its products on analytics around BusinessObjects. BO has been a known brand name in analytics, so why rename and spoil that brand. Naturally BO is the name to go after.

The on-premise solutions for analytics are delivered as SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise. This product is available in three variants: Premium, Professional and Standard; in the decreasing order of functionalities delivered.

Given the push for software-as-a-service or on-cloud products, SAP has introduced a cloud variant of BOE. They call it SAP BusinessObjects Cloud. They originally called it  SAP Cloud for Analytics, but stuck to the naming theme of the brand BO.

SAP Digital Boardroom (powered by SAP BusinessObjects Cloud) extends SAP BusinessObjects Cloud with support for live-meetings and collabaration aspects. This is meant for use by executive management team and board of directors of a company.

I suppose the openSAP courses will shed more light on these new products and hopefully I can leverage the basic knowledge from BOE to understand what they are.

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